Google Celebrates Poutine with Doodle and Natural Pain Relief Fast

May 19, 2023
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By Leroy A. Brown

On Friday, May 19, 2023, Google celebrates poutine, one of Canada’s favourite comfort dishes.

This is just in time for the Canadian long Victoria Day weekend holiday.

The Google doodle is the celebratory symbol used. This delectable doodle is mainly visible on the Google search engine in Canada.

The poutine is famously associated with the predominantly French speaking province of Quebec.

It has been reported that May 19th was chosen because it was the same day that the word “poutine” was included in the English Merriam-Webster Dictionary. This was done in 2014.

Therefore, it is the ninth (9th) anniversary of the word “poutine” being included in the English Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Traditionally, poutine includes fried potatoes, gravy, and cheese curds. However, it now has various ingredients across Canada and globally.

National Poutine Day is celebrated on April 11th each year.


Natural Joint and Muscle Pain Relief


Pain is normally not anything to be proud of. It is usually a sign that something is wrong. Or if you are working out, it may be an indicator you are on the right track.

However, when we feel pain, and especially if it stops us from moving or doing something, it tends not to be a good thing.

Physical pain can be acute (i.e., goes away in a short time), or chronic (i.e., last a long time).


Athletes treat joint and muscle pain in several ways such as applying an ice pack, doing ice baths, undergoing physiotherapy, rubbing pain ointments, etc.


Other ways you may use to treat joint and muscle pain are:


* Using natural products such as Joint Mist that helps to relieve joint pain in 12 minutes or less


* Doing exercises such as walking, stretching, and swimming to help prevent and treat joint pain


* Doing acupuncture


* Using medications


* Wearing supportive aids such as braces and orthotics footwear to help increase mobility


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